Introduction to Nuclear Medicine Operations


This introduction training provides a high level overview of nuclear medicine operations. All basic aspects of the production and distribution of nuclear medicine will be discussed. Industry managers, decision makers, investors, advisors, inspectors and others will improve their day-to-day performance dramatically by better understanding the dynamics of nuclear medicine operations.


After this (mostly) one-day course attendees will at least:

  • Understand radioactivity and nuclear medicine imaging principles
  • Understand production path ways (cyclotrons, linacs, research reactors) and their pros and cons
  • Understand the concept of generators

Activities (potential course chapters)

1. Basic introduction to Nuclear Medicine

  • Radioactivity
  • PET & SPECT Camera’s
  • Production path ways

2. Proton-accelerators (cyclotrons)

  • How does a cyclotron work?
  • Physics of proton-bombardment
  • Production, GMP, safety & logistics of cyclotron-products

3. Neutron-capture in research reactors

  • How does a research rector work?
  • Physics of neutron-capture (192Ir, 177Lu, etc.)
  • Production, GMP, safety & logistics of neutron-act products

4. Uranium-fission in research reactors

  • Physics of uranium-fission (99Mo, 131I, etc.)
  • Production, GMP, safety & logistics of U-fission products

5. Generators

  • How do they work?
  • 99Mo/99mTc-generators
  • Other generators

Customer specific class-room training course for groups


Please use the contact form or send an email to to receive a quotation for your training. Please indicate what you would want to learn.


Attendees will receive a detailed handbook and an electronic copy of the presentation slides.


The training will be given on the location of the customer, or any other agreed upon suitable location.